Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bird Island

Wiley, Jari, and Heather enjoying dinner with a nice view of Bird Island.
Watching the sunset in the north end of the island while riding in the back of Grant's truck.
This stone was really slippery! While trying to get down, I slipped and of course fell into the water. Bird Island is in the background.
Bird Island from the tourist look out.

I've been on island for about three months now and I haven't seen all of it yet. Whats so funny is that the island is only three miles by seventeen miles long. I should have bought a truck instead of sedan so I could go off roading=) After Church we headed out to do some easy hiking and snorkeling around bird island. Bird Island is also called Isleta Maigo Fahang - "island of sleeping seabirds" by the locals. The Island is a small stone islet standing on coral reef. Snorkeling was good but the current was too strong for us to stay out too long. There is so much to do on island. Just loving it out here.

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