Saturday, December 30, 2006

Aloha from Saipan

Dancers shaking it

I won the booty shaking hula contest and got leid!

I was picked out of the crowd to pick up these flowers! Umm, he's kind of intense looking. I thought he was going to chop off my fingers with his weapon there.

Malou and Me with the hula dancers

I want a sail boat someday=)

And the count down begins . . . trying to make 2006 the best year ever! My coworker and friend, Malou, took me to a hula show at the Fiesta Resort tonight. We had front row seats because her niece, Shane, is a hula dancer. It pays to know people in the right places=) We were the only two Filipinas representing in the house and the rest were Japanese tourists!! I was chosen again to enter a hula booty shakin' contest and I won! Te he! I was going to post the video clip of me shaking it . . . but I decided to post this other clip instead=) And the count down continues . . .


Anonymous said...

Yeehaw, that's my girl! Shake that booty, shake shake that booty! I'm itchin' to go party. I miss you. Countdown to 2007! Manan J

Ed said...

happy new year!!