Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Change of A Dress

Saipan SDA Chorale

We've been practicing from 7-10:30 pm three times a week. Thats Lorene in the middle bringing sexyback. I hate that phrase.
Deck the Halls!

Wow. Time really flew by! Our Christmas Concert is this Thursday, Dec 7 at seven pm. Our final dress rehearsal is tonight. With God's help and after countless hours of practicing, our program is finally coming together. I have to be honest and tell you that I thought our program was kind of cheesy at first. But after learning all of our songs and perfecting our moves I think we're awesome=) Wish you could be here to see me but I guess you will have to settle for a recording. We finally finished the set and the church halls are now decked. I will post some final pictures of our concert later this week. Please keep us in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha, lovely choir dress. i'm sure u guys did great. would love to see the recording sometime. can't believe it until i hear it or see it, but the picture does not lie. ha ha. how was ur solo? glad ur enjoying everything there. take care. i'm proud of u....the next lea salonga =)

nikki said...

girlfriend, YOU are bringing sexy back! i love it. who would have ever thought that you'd be such a hard core choir member...my, how He works in mysterious ways :)

Rae said...

Oh friend!!! You've never looked better in pink!!! hehehe...love u & miss u & am so happy you finally have the choir/singing spirit! hehehe! It's amazing huh? I'll have u booked for performances by the time u get back. Miss u friend!!!!