Saturday, December 16, 2006

Eagle Ray City Dive

Loading up the No Limit Dive Boat

Divemaster Atsuko and me before doing my roll over=)

Patiently waiting and trying to lay low for the Spotted Eagle Rays.

The Spotted Eagle Ray and some friends! I swear he winked and smiled at me=) Seriously.

I spent Sabbath afternoon diving and enjoying God's beautiful underwater world. My friend Atsuko, a divemaster, and I took a dive boat out to two popular dive spots in Saipan. The first dive spot is called Eagle Ray City. Eagle Ray City is one of the most unique dives in Saipan. Rising out of the sand at a depth 30 feet is a rocky formation that on a good day will have up to 40 Eagle Rays swimming around it. You're suppose to lay low and hold on to rocks as the Eagle Rays pass overhead. My friends Ken and Crystal saw about 65 spotted eagle rays at one time! Today we only saw four, but I was so thankful that I had a chance to see them! They're amazing! And when he moves he's so graceful. This was my very dive boat experience and I loved it. I even did the whole roll off the boat backwards. Okay actually, I was a bit hesitant about rolling off backwards so they kind of had to push me! It wasn't so bad after all.

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Saipan Chamoale said...

The fish next to the ray are called Unicorn Fish. In Chamorro they are called Tataga. They are very tasty.