Thursday, December 28, 2006

Soundtracks to LIFE

Because I am bored and high on coffee. . . You set your ipod to shuffle and fill in the songs in order of the following questions. And there is to be no cheating, although we will both wish I had by the end of this.

Waking Up: Woo Hoo . . .The’S
First Day at School: World In My Eyes . . . Depeche Mode
Falling In Love: Stronger . . . Britney Spears
Fight Song: Yes, I believe . . . Point of Grace
Breaking Up: Whereever You Will Go . . . The Calling
Prom: Dansez-Vous . . . Pink Martini
Breakdown: Say Somethin’ . . . Mariah Carey
Ballroom Blitz: The First Cut Is The Deepest . . . Sheryl Crow
Wedding: Ultra Violet (Light My Way) . . . U2
Birth of Child: Cousin Mary John . . . John Coltrane
Final Battle: Beautiful Stranger . . . Madonna
Death Scene: Clocks . . . Coldplay
Funeral Song: Wake Me Up When September Ends . . . Green Day
Credit: I Have Always Loved you . . . Enrique

Okay, a little embarrassed about Enrique . . . You can file this entry under WTF, TMI, or both


jennyminsook said...

I came across your blog as i am tryig to find a hostel on Saipan. I am having a little success. Would you be able to recommen one and try to find the phone #/website/email for me please? I hope to visit soon. I am living in Seoul, korea. also, do you have recommendations on what are some good places to visit? thanks, Jennifer

Sean said...

Hey Bev, just so you know I'm totally stealing the ideas for both this blog and the one below it, and doing them on my blog too. I love the random soundtrack idea! Genius! And I'm VERY impressed with the diversity of musical tastes you've got going there, especially glad to see U2 represented!

And don't feel bad about Enrique. It could be worse. . .you could be like me and have the possibility of "Soldier of Love" by Donny Osmond coming up.