Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On Relationships

Your going to laugh at me. I brought The Sex and The City complete dvd series with me to Saipan! I had to bring it because I started the series in the states and I just had to see how it was going to end. I've been meaning to write about it because I finally finished the last episode! I loved the ending. Carrie finally gets what she's always longed for and what I think every woman longs for . . . true love: ridiculous, inconvient, consuming, can't live without love. I know that its just a show, but I believe that true love like this does exist. Here's alittle clip of the ending that talks about relationships and how truly unique and important each relationship is. I have met people in each context that she mentions. I love how each relationship adds to the richness of my life and has helped me grow. I'm really blessed to have such true, geniune friends. When i watch this clip, it reminds me my trip with Nikki to NY in March 06! I heart NY! Lets go back Nikki!

We must of walked up and down the street several times in search of the Serendipity Cafe! We finally found it hidden inbetween two brownstones. We had the frozen hot chocalate and strawberry shortcake sundae=)
NYPD's finest
Times Square

I'm on the Staten Island Ferry. I :: heart :: Manhatten's skyline.


Saipan Chamoale said...

So when you said that you went to New York, you meant that you just recently went to New York.

More of a Boston fan myself...I'll explain later.

Sean said...

Hey Bev! Great blog! You were far too modest in describing. It looks and reads great!

You know I really do like Sex in The City. It's so well acted, well-written, and the characters have real depth and complexity. I too, found that final episode to be really moving.

(My sister owns the entire series on DVD so that's how I know. . .)

nikki said...

lol. words from a true romantic at heart.. love that episode and i love even more that we got to experience that amazing city together.
so can't wait to go back. whenever you're ready, girl..