Monday, September 19, 2016

Hello, Dear Friend.

 I love this place. I would sit in my apartment  on a  tiny rock in the Pacific and click away at buttons that would eventually create Bubbles in Paradise. I wrote about stuff that was turning over and over in my mind, mostly about learning how to grab life by its horns and riding it to wherever life would take me.  And something amazing happened. People, granted not many, read my blog. And we had a great community of friends. I'm missing that sense of community especially now that we live back on the mainland.  Most of my friends still write on the blogs, but  babies have been born, moves have been made, and honestly Facebook and Instagram happened making connections with people quick and easy. Anyways, my blog is hanging out there in outer space, unwritten and unread. But I am so grateful to have written when I did. I am so grateful to have accounts of my life in the islands, diving adventures, and quotes that were part of my world back in the day. It is here forever.  I love to visit. Just clicking on the compose icon gives me a sense of nostalgia. So what am I turning over in my head these days?

-I've been thinking about creating a small business while I work Dental Hygiene part time. I'm wanting to tap into my creative side so I'm thinking about taking online modern Calligraphy classes. I have always loved Calligraphy and Weddings. Eventually I would like to be a wedding Calligrapher and create wedding invites/envelopes/signs for clients.

-After having three babies in less than four years, I am ready to start having an active lifestyle.  I'm not committing to running any half marathons or marathons but i'd like to pick up running again.

-We bought a home this year and we will be working on our vegetable garden and other small projects around the house.

-Thinking about if we should send the kids to public school or private SDA School. I am honestly torn on which way to go. Fortunately we live in a really good school district. I grew up going to a private SDA academy all twelve years and had a great experience.

Anyways, this blog post was just an exercise to get me blogging again. Thanks for stopping by =)