Sunday, October 26, 2008

My New Favorite Spot

In Saipan my favorite place to be was Bonzai Cliff. I'd watch sunrise or sunset a couple of times a week. Sometimes though I'd find myself going if I was feeling sad or upset about something. It was just a nice place to think and be by myself.

Bonzai always seemed to cheer me up. On many occasions I'd spot a turtle floating below the cliffs. One time I even saw a pod of dolphins making its way towards Bird Island. That place just took my breath away.

Since I moved back to California I have been searching for a similiar place that made me feel at peace. This is a beautiful place called Point Lobas in Monterey. Fall is starting to set in and the air is chilly. I love the cooler weather. As I sit and admire this view I see a bunch of harbor seals playing in the water below. I love this place and am starting to feel at home. Most of all I'm itchin' to start diving in Monterey's cold water. Stay tuned for my dive adventures in Monterey.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Half Way There

I survived my first half marathon! I ran straight until I hit mile 10. My right IT band was really killing me so I had to stop and walk it off a couple of times. Truthfully I was really pissed that I had to stop because I didn't feel tired at all. It was just my right knee that was giving me problems. I finished at 2 hours and 30 minutes at a 11 minute pace. Slower than I wanted but I'm just glad I finished the race.

There were roughly 15,000 runners at the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon this past Sunday. The course took us around downtown San Jose and along beautiful neighborhoods in the city. We had perfect weather and rock bands at every mile to listen to. It was just a great experience overall.

Right now, running is the only thing keeping me sane while I'm still in transition. But I'll keep pushing forward. I'm half way there to a full marathon and I'm more hyped than ever.