Monday, August 28, 2006

I ::heart:: T O

I took a trip to Toronto, Canada with my coworker/friend, Maria. We spent a whole week out there and did the usual tourist attractions: CN Tower, Downtown T O, Centre Island and Niagra Falls. I think the best part of the trip was finding my own way through downtown using the bus and metro stations. I just wanted to hangout in the local coffeshops to just relax and recharge.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Women's Ministry Group

Tuesday nights I meet up for bible study with the women's ministry group at Garden Grove SDA Church. In the picture from Left to right are Odie, Cathy, Me, Leslie, and Genevieve. This is where I seek prayer support and refuge from my busy work week. I have come to know each of these women and they have become my sisters in Christ. Prayers in large numbers have truly made a difference in my life. Its such an amazing feeling to be loved and supported by your church family. There is comfort and hope in knowing that someone is praying for me and the daily things that I struggle with.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Fajerdo-Jose Luncheon

Gabe's attatched to John

Gabe and me

I ::heart:: katie

Manang Janice is helping Katie Smile! lol
I love how our family does alot of things together. We actually try and get together atleast once a month. Actually, it always seems like there is something going . . . bdays, graduations, holidays, and just plain old get togethers. We have alot of fun together. This weekend we had lunch at Wendell and Cat's new home in Corona. I never would have thought that the houses off the 15 North freeway would be so nice. Their house is huge. The main purpose for getting together was discussing the details for Cat and Wendell's wedding. Manang Janice is the wedding coordinator so we were trying to help her get organized=) Anywho, here are some pics of us and the kids. In a couple of those pictures are my nephew, Gabe and my niece, Katie.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wakeboarding at Lake Elsinore

The new Mr. and Mrs. "jigga" Sacro! j/k Mr and Mrs. Janssen Sacro . . . what a cute couple

After being dragged by the boat about 3x I finally got up!

2nd round, my forearms and body were hurting big time. I managed to get up one last time=)

A group of Janssen and Jennifer's family and friends headed out to Lake Elsinore for their bachelor/bachlorette party. This was the week when it was really hot. I think it was over 100 degrees at Lake Elsinore. Janssen's dad brought his two four seater jet skis and we had rented a boat to go wake boarding. The last time I tried wakeboarding was in 8th grade and I never got up! This time I was able to get up twice!!! It was so fun! I'm really loving the outdoor sports. I wish I had pics of us riding the jet ski's but I didn't bring my camara out. Oh, let me tell you that the day after I went wakeboarding I was so sore! From my finger tips to my toes, I could hardly move. I had work the next day and i felt bad cause those patients got half ass cleanings. lol Heres some pics=)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jennifer and Janssen's Wedding

After countless drives to pasadena, staying up till three o'clock in the morning finishing last minute details, and countless hours of planning . . . Jen and Janssen's wedding day had finally arrived. On Sunday, July 30 we had the wedding ceremony at Temple City SDA church at three o'clock in the afternoon. The reception started about 7 at the Hilton Hotel. Fortunately the weather had cooled down alot so it wasn't as hot as the rest of the week was. Everything was falling into place. The Church and reception hall was beautiful. Here are some pictures. Congrats Jen and Janssen! *hugs*