Monday, August 07, 2006

Fajerdo-Jose Luncheon

Gabe's attatched to John

Gabe and me

I ::heart:: katie

Manang Janice is helping Katie Smile! lol
I love how our family does alot of things together. We actually try and get together atleast once a month. Actually, it always seems like there is something going . . . bdays, graduations, holidays, and just plain old get togethers. We have alot of fun together. This weekend we had lunch at Wendell and Cat's new home in Corona. I never would have thought that the houses off the 15 North freeway would be so nice. Their house is huge. The main purpose for getting together was discussing the details for Cat and Wendell's wedding. Manang Janice is the wedding coordinator so we were trying to help her get organized=) Anywho, here are some pics of us and the kids. In a couple of those pictures are my nephew, Gabe and my niece, Katie.


StitchDaKineMine said...

HAHAHAHAHAH! i love that pic of mng j & katie!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! those girls are just camera made! =) wow, can't believe their wedding is coming up too!!!

nikki said...

your family and friends will always be your biggest fans! we wouldn't be who we are, or where we are today if it weren't for our support group(s), huh. :) happy to see your beautiful smile in all the pics!