Sunday, December 10, 2006

Office Christmas Party

Each married couple had to guess which one was their beloved by only touching their hands while being blindfolded. Most couples failed miserably and probably went home alittle annoyed at eachother=)
Atsuko and Scott are trying to draw a snowman on a paper plate on top of their heads. We judged which snowman looked the best.
Opening presents with oven mitts is hard.
Saipan SDA Dental Clinic. We're one big happy family. Really!!
These ladies make my everyday. They help me record probing depths on EVERY patient (sigh), offer to take xrays for me when i am running behind, clean up after my mess, make me laugh, make me smile, teach me Tagalog . . . so grateful for their assistance and friendship.

I work with an awesome group of people at the SDA Clinic. We had our annual Christmas office party at the beautiful Aqua Resort tonight. We played games, won prizes, sang karaoke, and ate way too much buffet food. Good company. Good laughs. Good times.

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