Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hut . . . Ho!

Beach Volleyball Season is over=( I have picked up Paddling as a sport for Tuesday and Thursday evening after work! Tonight I went with Ken and Crystal and met up with the other paddlers. What a workout! There is one person calling out orders. Every time they say "hut" you paddle one more stroke and than when they say "ho" your suppose to switch sides and paddle. I found it kind of hard to coordinate my timing with the others and I kept splashing water on the person in front of me and in back of me LOL . . . but they say it'll come naturally with time. We paddled out on the lagoon and around some of the tanks in the water while the sun was setting. It was beautiful. I'm sure i'll feel soreness tommorrow in my deltoids and triceps=( These are pictures that I took of the paddling olympics they had here about a month ago. Saipan competed against Guam, China, and some other pacific islands.

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ren said...

now you're a paddler! you're picking up everything! ;)