Friday, December 22, 2006

Sing Sing

Lori and Malou . . . I believe they are singing "On A Bed of Roses" Microphone hogs!

Okay, usually I'll sing the funny dumb songs . . . but tonight I sang a bunch of sappy love songs. Boo me!

My coworkers, Malou and Lori, have been dying to take me out for Karaoke for quite some time now. Malou is a dental assistant and Lori is the other dental hygienist in our clinic. Before street market we headed out to Cambre restaurant after work. I liked Cambre because it was small and there was hardly anyone there to hear us make fools of ourselves! I think the hit song of the night was Jingle Bell Rock.


Anonymous said...

Hi hunee!!

Can you sing for my wedding if I ever get married? i can't believe your singing. What happen to my cousin bev? Give her back to me. I miss you so much. Hope all is well out there. BTW... your hair is getting long. Love ya... Manang J

Sean said...

When's all this karaoke going on? You've got to let me know when you guys are going! I LOVE karaoke! Elvis is my specialty.