Monday, December 25, 2006

Broke Down Christmas in Paradise

I celebrated Christmas island style this year! I spent Christmas eve with Olive, my coworker, and her family. We had another session of Karaoke! The microphone was kind of falling apart so we had to duct tape the chord a certain way otherwise it wouldn't work. It was quite ghetto looking. Olive programmed the microphone so that when you sing you would sound like a squeeky chipmunk. I was cracking up all night singing Tagalog songs with a chipmunk voice.

On Christmas day i had some time to kill in the morning before Crystal and Ken's luncheon. It was hot so I headed out to a water park called Wave Jungle at the World Resort and spent the morning with the SDA Korean Missionaries soaking up some sun. Acting like we were bobsleders, we leaned all to the left and then to the right . . .we flew down the water slides. Their crazy! I feel like I'm on vacation for a year.

Ken and Crystal hosted a Christmas luncheon at their home. Barbara, Sean, Jerry (Mai's bf) and Mai were also there for lunch. Jerry flew out to visit Mai for Christmas. They were so smitten with each other! Crystal cooked an amazing all vegetarian meal! *applause* We had a mock turkey and gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, veggies, mandarin asian salad, mash potatoes and martinelli's. She went all out. After lunch we talked and shared some good laughs. Ken and Crystal showed us a video on their dive trip to Palau! Every dive they went on they saw sharks! Palau looks exotic and I can't wait to dive there in March!

Christmas wasn't so bad spending it away from family after all. I feel really blessed to have made some really good friends here in Saipan. I'm just ready to ring in 2007. Merry Christmas!

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