Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lao Lao Beach Dive

loved this sign that was posted on a coconut tree

Ken and Crystal Pierson . . . and me trailing behind

Atsuko has been kind enough to take pics of me all weekend. So I offered under water to take a pic of her. She handed me the camara and started taking off her mask and regulator out of her mouth and had a cheesy smile ready for me!! She's crazy! I'm not comfortable enough to take off my mask at fifty feet.
I found nemo. Well actually the two on top our Dusky Anemonefish and the two on the bottom pic are Orange-Fin Anemone fish.

How lucky am I to dive three times this weekend=) I love it out here. So my last dive for this weekend was at Lau Lau Beach. We had planned to dive at the Grotto but when we got there the water looked really rough. So off we went to Lau Lau Beach. We could have saved more time if Saipan had webcams so we could view water conditions online . . . we'll have to make suggestions to someone. Don't know who though. Anywho, there was a total of ten of us that went diving this morning! We descended about fifty feet. I was hoping to see more sea turtles but none were out=(

After diving I went to a bbq at kiilli beach with some new friends that work for Beautify CNMI. Everyone out here is so warm and welcoming. It makes me happy to be around them. We laughed, played catch, and ate way too much food. So Angelo has this saying about the locals here, "you don't stop eating because your full, you stop eating because your tired" lol

Oh, so afterwards we were cleaning our gear and I did something horrible. I forgot to put the dust cap back on to cover the first stage of the regulator and I soaked it in water=( *tsk tsk* Atsuko had to take apart the regulator and dry out the first stage. I'll never do that again.

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