Friday, December 29, 2006

Morning Talk

A short conversation between my patient and me.

Me: Hello. How are you doing today?
Him: fine.
Me: Are there any changes in your health since we last saw you?
Him: I'm more uglier
Me: laughs
Me: Do you have any complaints about your teeth?
Him: Yes. My gums bleed.
Me: Are you able to floss at all?
Him: No. I don't like to find things inbetween my teeth. Its gross.
Me: So you would rather leave the junk in there?
Him: yes
Me: *sigh*

Thank goodness I wear a mask that covers half of my face. The mask covers my facial expression when I am about to laugh hard or when I am horrified by what I find in people's mouths. My patients make me laugh and keep my day going!


Saipan Chamoale said...

one word: ew

Anonymous said...

LOL! Can't help but think about your final and me almost drowning in my own saliva. FIND A BETTER ASSISTANT NEXT TIME, THE ONE YOU HAD SUCKED. Oh wait, that was my sister! What a dork! Mask on then goggles...duh!!

Bev said...

Yes, eww was my exact thought! And Joy only had ONE job-to suction!!! She was so distracted! lol You know I love you mng J for doing that for me!!! Go Go!! Your head was rocking back in forth!=)