Sunday, December 24, 2006

Managaha Island

I took a trip early this morning with the Korean Sda Missionaries to visit Managaha island. Managaha Island is only a short 20 minute ferry ride away. You can camp, snorkel, play beach volleyball, or just hang out there for the day. Today was just about getting some R & R and this was the perfect place to be. I brought my beach umbrella and a book that I've been meaning to finish and just relaxed on the beach. After reading I went for a swim and snorkeled for a bit. Twas a good day.

I'm sorry but it just doesn't feel like Christmas out here! Its too hot! Everyone back home keeps telling me how cold it is. The only time I feel cold out here is in the movie theater. So I'm a bit bummed that I won't be spending Christmas with my family this year. Tonight I'll be jumping from one party to another. I'm still new to the island so finding my way around can be alittle confusing. There are no street addresses so I can't exactly use mapquest to find my friends' homes. So everyone tells you how to get to their house by using landmarks. For example, turn right at the moviestation, right at the blue shack, right before you hit the kool market, left at the third coconut tree . . . get the picture? They have all hand drawn me maps so lets hope I find my way in the dark. Only a few more hours till Christmas . . .

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