Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Pebble In A Pond: The Ripple Effect

The Micronesian Challenge-First meeting:

Angelo on Fire!
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What are you passionate about? What drives you to get up every morning? What cause(s) are you living for? Alot of questions, eh? At this moment, I've got this "save the world" complex running in my head. There is so much that I want to do. Maybe I'm alittle too passionate and need to focus on one thing or maybe I just need to find balance.

It has been quite a challenge to plan and organize the Women's Ministry's goals for the next year. With God's help on this upcoming year, I am looking for new opportunities for our church to reach out to the Saipan Community. I want the Saipan community to know that we care about them. I was fortunate enough to meet a friend online, Angelo. Angelo works with the organization Beautify CNMI and is in the process of developing a project called "The Micronesian Challenge." MORE FISH and LESS POLUTION. And because I have recently started diving I want to see our beautiful coral reefs protected. The project aims to effectively conserve 30% of near shore resources and 20% of forest resources by 2020. How we are going to do this? I'll keep you posted.

The project is still in the early phase but I think that they really are on FIRE! It starts with one person and the flame continues with another . . . like a ripple effect in a pond. It was amazing to see how passionate they were about protecting God's creation. Unity in numbers is amazing. The group consisted of different nationalities ranging from Chamarros, Carolinas, Filipinos, Americans . . . all in the same room for one cause.

Although I was alittle lost with some of the terms they were using like "near shore resources" and I have limited knowledge about marine biology, I still want to be a part of this group. Some of the events that I think we can help with are beach clean up, tree planting . . . I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, please continue to pray for our church's outreach effort and for Angelo and his organization.

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