Tuesday, January 02, 2007

On Planning

Planning is what I do best. We had our first church board meeting last night to prepare for the upcoming year. Each department gave dates and events they have planned for the 2007 calender year. One by one each month was filled and just like that, the year was planned out in less than a couple of hours. Its only the first week of January and I feel busy already! With God's help, we are really hoping to make an impact in Saipan this year.

Not that anyone cares . . . but I was just thinking about how different it feels to be "involved" with church rather than just "attending" church. Being on the other side of things has really opened my eyes to see how much effort and dedication it takes for a church to really grow not just exist.

I have a new found respect for our pastoral leaders because I see the weight they carry on their shoulders. We can't do it alone. Everyone is busy with work, family, school . . . it is easy to just sit back and think that someone else can do it. But it is an awesome sight to see different people in the church stepping up to challenges and dedicating their time to ensure things get done despite the busyness of their lives.. I am really excited about being here in Saipan and I'm really excited to see how God is going to work through us this year.

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StitchDaKineMine said...

AMEN TO THAT SISTAH! AMEN!!! Takes a lot & sometimes you get frustrated with ppl & their ideas & others, you just feel so encouraged. Just remember to be open-minded & strong. Prayer is the only thing that works.