Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bing! The MIcrowave Prayer.

Grant is leading out in prayer sessions on Wednesday nights. During prayer sessions we are studying different prayers in the Bible. We are hoping to learn how to pray better and to be connected to God on a deeper level. Ever feel like your stuck in a rut? Sometimes when I say my prayers at night before I go to bed I catch myself saying the same thing and in the same order. The "microwave prayer" as Grant calls it. Before my prayers would go like this "God thank you for helping me make it through the day, help me to a have good nights rest, forgive my sins, oh and can you be with . . . " I think its because I'm really tired at night and I just want to go to bed. Regardless the prayer is still sad, eh?

Today we studied the Believers prayer in Act 4:23-30. Peter and the other disciples pray for courage and boldness to witness and God answers them. We broke down the prayer and learned that how to pray better. There are three parts to a prayer. The three P's: Praise, Problem, and Power. The first part of a prayer is praise and glorifying God. No problem is big enough for God to fix. He made the heavens and earth. When I think of how grand and amazing that is, it makes me realize that my problems are really small compared to what God can do. The second part of praying is presenting your problem to God. God loves it when you give your problems and worries to Him. Letting go and giving Him ultimate control is what He wants. By doing so you'll be able to experience more than you could have ever imagined. The third part of prayer is power. Asking God for the strength and power for whatever it is you need.

I really believe there is power in prayer and that God will answer you. Sometimes maybe not in the way that you want or when you want, but He answers in His own very way, in His own perfect timing. Just my thoughts . . .

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Deece said...

I agree, there is power in prayer. But I like to remember that more than the prayer itself, the act of prayer is important in maintaining your relationship with God. If God is going to move, he's going to move with or without your prayer.

And along with the answers sometimes being given in a time, place, or way different from what we'd like - sometimes the answers to our prayers are not the answers that we were hoping for. Because, ultimately, God is in charge (not our will).

Pastor Steve, our old Pastor from Calvary Chapel South Bay, used to say, "Let go and let God".