Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy Friday!

Why not? When your bored and theres nothing else to do . . .
Auntie Mary and Me. Aunty Mary is one of the other Dental Hygienists here at the SDA Dental Clinic. I really love working with her because she's got an amazing spirit and during our hard days when we pass each other up in the hallway we make faces at each other! Auntie Mary completed her training at Loma Linda University as well and she was one of Saipan's very first dental hygienists. She's been working at SDA Clinic for 30 years and was just recently honored for her dedication.
My Orthodontist, Dr. Sauget and Me
My new friends from Guam

I think it is always hard coming back to work when you have a long three day weekend. You kind of have to get back into the swing of things. It was yet another hard and busy week. Anywho, I'm just happy that its Friday! I have made some new friends from Guam! I'm planning on visiting Guam in February for President's day weekend and luckily I can stay with my new friend Bert. We just put our deposit for our diving trip to Palau and I wanted to buy my own scuba gear to bring with me. I hear there is a couple of places to buy gear at a good price in Guam like MDA. . . plus theres tons more places to shop like Kmart, Macy's, and Ross. Btw, I hear from Guam that Saipan will be getting an Outback Steakhouse this year!=) I love the bloomin' onion.

Dr. Sauget is an Orthodontist that travels from Guam to our clinic every 6 weeks to see patients. He's such a great guy and I would recommend anyone to him if you need braces. He's taking over my treatment that I started in California. The other pic is just because I had alot of time on my hands . . . Atsuko braided my hair for fun!

Have a great weekend.


Renato said...

happy new year bev!

nikki said...

oh, i get got corn rows in honor of upcoming holiday :) joke nalang. looks fabulous!