Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kiss This

(sigh) This is how my day started out . . . How did your day go?!

Another fine example of a typical patient that I see everyday with heavy betal nut stain. The stain is actually heavier in the back of the teeth than in the front. It took me a good hour and a half to clean the fronts of the teeth. I had to reschedule him to come back for stain removal of the back side and for four quadrants of rootplaning. There was just too much to handle in one sitting and I felt like my hand was going to fall off. You see, this is why I have to play so hard out here!=) I am working hard out here! I'm not just on a year vacation :P~

On a happier note, I had a patient this afternoon that found me through my blog=) He found out I was U.S. trained and booked an appointment with specifially me=) While he was laying in my chair I recognized him from his online blog. He shall remain nameless only because I don't want to break patient confidentiality. Saipan is way too small.


steve said...

Hey Bev. That patient that found you through your blog was me! Btw, that is NOT my teeth featured in the photo above. My poor mom would definitely have a heart attack! Bev took such good care of my teeth and gums! She reminded me to floss! Oopppss.

Bev said...

LOL Thanks steve for coming in. And no, your teeth weren't bad at all!

Anonymous said...

I was really good at flossing and brushing last night so my dental hygienist won't get me in trouble with my mom!