Monday, January 22, 2007

5 Things

Hummm . . . 5 Things You Probably Don't Know about me:

1. I went to Interior Design School at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchadising in Los Angeles. When I first got out of highschool I was trying to avoid the usual route a filipina goes - nursing school. I loved art and design. I compiled my work for my portfolio and was accepted to design school. A career in the Interior Design field did not last
very long given that I lacked the competitive edge back then in order to make it big in the design industry. Its more of a hobby for me.

2. When I eat french fries I dip them in a mixture of mustard, ketchup, and pepper. I don't know what it is about the mix but I cannot eat fries without it!

3. I got "kicked out" of the Cathedrals Notre Dame and the Sacre Coeur in Europe during our euro backpacking trip. I'm a photo junkie! There are signs posted all over the cathedrals that says no pictures allowed in certain areas of the church. I couldn't help but sneak a picture here and there. So during my last shot I was escorted out of the church=( My friends were kneeling and in the middle of saying a prayer when the deacon escorted them out as well! Needless to say, i got all three of us kicked out twice in one day. Sorry Angie and Mng J but the pics turned out beautifully=)

4. I mostly see out of my left eye.

5. I star gaze and am hoping to see the northern lights someday.

Next I'm going to tag Grant, Walt, Angelo, Sean, Ken and Crystal, Steve and hope they will respond=)


Steve Nguyen said...

That's pretty bad getting kicked out of those places in Europe. Btw, you might want to update your date/time setting for +10 Pacific.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Yah, thanks Bev! I was praying that we wouldn't get escorted out of any other cathedrals. And praying that lightning wouldn't strike three "good" girls in the same church at the same time. Shhhewww! We got real lucky. Love you, Manang J

Deece said...

Hi! Do you mind if I link you? I'm over at Great Expectations