Sunday, January 28, 2007

In Transit . . . Stuck In An Airport

I just recently met with a new friend I have made while paddling on Tuesday night. Her name is Darlene and she is going to be my dive buddy for a trip to Palau that we are planning this March. I met up with her at a great eatery called A Taste of India. Though the curry turns the bands on my braces a bright yellow (grrrr), the food is simply amazing and I love how the owner, Joji, pours my Masala Tea.

We had lunch and chatted for about two hours about diving in Palau, our life in Saipan, and why we came to Saipan. I have noticed that everyone in Saipan has an interesting story about why they came here and why they decided to stay longer than they had planned. I also think that Saipan has the ability to heal and restore a person.

Saturday I was invited by a patient of mine, “Keiko”, to watch a play entitled In Transit . . . stuck in an airport. It was put on by the Voices of the Marianas. This new group was formed to bring original theater to Saipan. Director Barbara Sher said, “It’s a story about all our different lives, regardless or our cultures, and how we deal with them. In Transit is a theater production that grew organically to become a tale about the similarities in diversity.”

There were about seventeen short skits. The stories that were being told ranged from what life is like to be a Filipina Migrant Worker in Saipan and her struggles about being away from her family in the philippines just to make money for them to survive, A local Chamorro dealing and frustrated with immigrants working and living in the CNMI, A Vegetarian in Saipan becoming aware of the many tasty fish, Someone experiencing a midlife crisis in Saipan, A pregnant woman trying to run away from her problems by driving endlessly around the island, A Chinese immigrant trying to decide if life would really be better back home in China or in Saipan. She tries to decide whether to stay or leave . . . All the stories helped me see what life is like in someone else’s shoes. I think it really opened my eyes about how much we can learn from each other. I just really enjoyed it. I found out that you could actually be a part of this theater production. If you want to write something and perform it all you have to do is audition for a part. I think Grant and Sean are thinking of doing it and I think they would be awesome to watch.

After the play, a group of us headed out to Shin Shen Restaurant in Garapan for some Sushi! Great food and company to top off the night.

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