Monday, January 29, 2007

10 Lies of A Dental Hygienist

1. I’m not the brutal one ;)
2. Relax. You won’t even know I’m here.
3. Some patients fall asleep in my chair.
4. This new flavor of fluoride tastes much better. (fluoride makes me gag)
5. I’ll have you out of here in no time.
6. I’m not obsessive compulsive!
7. Flossing gets easier with practice. (yeah right)
8. If it hurts, hold up your left hand and I’ll stop. (No I won’t, you better not move!)
9. That wasn’t so bad was it? (heh)
10. I haven’t lost a patient yet.

Okay, maybe only my RDH friends will truly understand these “sayings”. I laugh because most of these I say throughout the day. I must be lying all day. But no seriously! If you live in Saipan and you need a thorough teeth cleaning . . . book an appointment with me at SDA Dental clinic!!!! Just ask Steve. He can vouch for me=)


Steve Nguyen said...

Let's see...if Bev says she's "lying all day" then having me vouch for her would make sense how? Hehehe. Ok, seriously, she took very good care of my teeth. She told me over and over that if I didn't floss I would look like my grandma with no teeth. Kidding. Btw, I've been FLOSSING everyday since my visit. What an inspiration or is it that I just wnat to prove to her that I can do it. :)

Jourdanne said...

LoL!!! I think my sister knows about these myths from your Boards..I can't stop laughing about when I think about it. Yah right with # 1, her head was practically bouncing off the chair head. # 2 She knew because of # 1. # 3 She couldn't because of # 1 and because she couldn't breath due to my lack of suction experience and vision! # 8 She was throwing up both arms and yet you still didn't stop, # 9 YAY RIGHT! Did I mention her head was bouncing off the chair and I wasn't suctioning! # 10 Ummmm...I don't think you've seen her since. LOL! That was great! And you PAST =) Gosh that was fun! Love you!

Bev said...

ROFL Joy, you only had one job! To suction and make sure mng Jan wasn't drowning! Yet you kept getting distracted!! You know you had fun! We were the only ones laughing in the room. All that matters is that I passed!;) I'm competent! Thanks mng Jan for being my board patient! hahahah I'm forever grateful and will clean your teeth for free;)