Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blueberry Muffins and Jesus

Phew! Saturday was a busy day for me. One of the other responsibilities I have at church is helping to lead out with the Youth Sabbath School. I have to admit that I hesitated taking this position. Don’t get me wrong I love to teach. But so far all the teaching I have done is about good oral hygiene, preventing cavities, and gum disease. My first thought was “I don’t know enough”. I think I most feared not knowing how to answer some of the questions that they might ask. Dumb thought, eh? But again, God puts me out of my safety zone and challenges me.

I was in charge of teaching the Youth Sabbath School their lesson for Sabbath morning. Now because I am a big procrastinator, I stayed up late Friday night reading the material and planning for the lesson. I planned to talk about Enoch and His Walk with God. How intimately He knew and walked with God. God loved him so much that He took Enoch away and he never experienced death.

Before the youth came I made a lame attempt to bake fresh blueberry muffins with the help of Harran, my cute Korean neighbor. Everything went okay except that a friend called and I got distracted. Needless to say the muffins were
toast=( So I just ended up just bringing donuts and fresh orange juice to Sabbath School.

When the youth came we had a quick breakfast, prayed, and began our discussion. For the most part, I think the lesson went well. I was just happy that everyone contributed their thoughts to the discussion. It was good to hear about who God is to them and how God has worked in their lives. At the end of the lesson I realized something. I shouldn’t have worried about whether I was qualified enough to teach or that I didn’t have enough biblical knowledge to teach. I realized that God uses each of us at whatever stage we are at with our walk with Him.

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nikki said...

you're a natural..a girl of many talents. remember, you are always welcome in my classroom :)