Saturday, January 13, 2007

On My Mind

I've got Solomon's prayer on my mind. I used to think that God was punishing me when things were going wrong in my life. Have you ever felt that way? This week I learned I was wrong along. Grant lead prayer session this week and we studied Solomon's Prayer in 2 Chronicles 6:22-27. These verses helped change my perspective on God. I believe God allows certain things to happen in order to discipline or teach us something. I think that when He disciplines us it is out of love. Perhaps He allows certain things to happen to keep us from drifting from Him. Perhaps He allows things to happen to keep us on the path that He has made for us. I just love how He is a God of love and not a punisher. Just thoughts . . .

These are pictures from my dive on Friday after work at Lao Lao Beach with Atsuko and Mayuki. We saw a spotted eagle Ray at Lao Lao Beach! I've heard its rare to see one there. I'm so lucky! Happy Sabbath =)

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