Monday, January 15, 2007

Freedom 5K Run

This year was the first time the CNMI observed Martin Luther King as a holiday. We were suppose to get the day off however the front desk accidentally scheduled a full day of work=( I ended up working a regular shift from 8-5pm. But fortunately I got off alittle early to make it the the Freedom 5K run that the Saipan SDA School was sponsoring. The school is trying to raise money for our eighth graders to take a trip out to Singapore. The other Sm's (student missionaries) were there along with some hardcore marathon runners. I was just doing the race for fun.

We started off at Garapan fishing base and ran along beach road to AJ's restaurant which is about a three mile run. It was a great run especially with the sun setting ahead of us. I finally downloaded some music into the nano ipod that my brother and sister bought me for Christmas=) Incubus really helped me keep going during the run. Anyway, you'll be happy to know that I placed third for the women's division and won a t-shirt! Also, I won a free pass to the Hyatt's spa! Its funny because I NEVER EVER win any raffle prizes. I was crossing my fingers before they called my name out loud!

Holidays usually come and go . . . and sometimes I don't really fully appreciate what they are all about. MLK day was a day to remember the big civil rights march. I think we are so lucky to have people like Martin Luther King to fight for our freedom and our rights. Life is unfair and hurtful sometimes. Especially when people judge you by your religion, your skin color . . . I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I guess you just have to practice being tolerant and patient. I had a great day today.

Btw, sorry no pics for awhile. I accidentally dropped my camara in water=( Grrrrrrrr, don't ask me how . . . I just did. So I guess it gives me a new excuse to by a new camara.


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Thanks for coming out Bev!

And you're right as well about Incubus. Great workout/running music!