Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Manamko House

This fellow was very attentive! He asked me like ten questions. Okay, some questions were repeats because he didn't remember that he had asked me the question before.

I love my schedule at work! I get to teach elemantary kids and the senior citizens about the importance of good oral home care twice a month. I love working the clinical aspect of dental hygiene but stepping out of the clinic and teaching instead is awesome. I may consider getting my masters in teaching or public health instead of going into dentistry.

This morning I spoke infront of the seniors at the Manamko House in Garapan. Manamko means "elderly" in the Chammaro language. Quite a lively bunch if you ask me. They love playing bingo, playing softball, and they love to bowl=) I really didn't know how many seniors were going to be there. For some reason I thought there would be only ten to twelve. When i walked into the cafeteria there were like 40-50 seniors! I had to speak with a microphone and the clinic coordinator, Walter, was kind enough to translate in Chamarro for me. I'd say that out of 40-50 people maybe like 5 were really paying attention to me! lol They were very cute. Like little kids that couldn't sit still for more than 10 mins. I still had a great time with them though.

After speaking, I handed out tubes made out of sponges for the seniors to insert their toothbrushes into. The bigger sponge around the toothbrush gives them a better grip especially if they have arthritis or dexterity problems. Funny thing happened, as I was passing out toothbrushes I noticed that I was five toothbrushes short. I couldn't believe that the seniors were fighting over who should get the toothbrushes. Seriously! I had to go back to the clinic and get some more cause I didn't want anyone mad at me. It was a good first day of teaching=)

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