Tuesday, February 20, 2007

President's Day Morning Dive

Ooooh I so love diving at the Grotto! Its been two weeks and I was definitely itchin' to get back in the water. Everything about that day was perfect: the weather, the water conditions, and the fact that I have such great diving buddies! Life is so sweet=)

I think my favorite part about the grotto is swimming through the exit holes towards the open ocean floor. Following the light and experiencing the color change all around you is amazing! Amazing I tell you!! It really does feel like heaven underwater. Can you tell how excited I get about diving?! God is so good! He really does fulfill his promise to show you things you NEVER EVER could imagine . . . if you would only just trust and follow Him.

When we first entered the grotto we came across two white tip reef sharks hiding in a dark corner. Crystal and Ken are always great about using their flashlight to point out interesting finds. As we swam through the first exit hole we saw a couple of barracudas swimming by. I've heard you rarely see barracudas at the Grotto. And to top it all off, we saw a turtle! This was probably the most eventful dive I've seen so far in Saipan. I can't wait to see what Palau has instore for me!

I think the deepest we descended was 110 feet. I think if you are not paying attention to your depth gauge its easy to drop below 100 ft if your not careful. I was actually happy that I didn't have any problems on this dive with clearing my mask or equalizing my ears like I usually do. I did however end up with a red hickey on my nose from my mask when I came up=( I have a tendancy to put on my mask too tight. I think I feel more confident to dive Palau. We had a lot of fun! Britini and I even danced the Macarena underwater. Yes, you can dance underwater because we are immature like that! Such a great dive! From Left to Right: Angelo, Me, Britni, Layla, Missy, Crystal. Pictures were courtesy of Ken Pierson.

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Angelo said...

Now that you mention it, I imagine the entrance to heaven looking something like the caves at the grotto...