Sunday, February 18, 2007

Catch 30

Meet my best friend Mel. Mel and I met fourteen years ago during our freshman year in high school. Our friendship has outlasted ex-boyfriends, careers, and past hurts. She's more than a best friend. She's like my sister.

She's half Chinese and half Filipina. She's a talker! She loves to bake. She loves being a mom. She loves to camp with her air mattress. Two words: retail therapy. Her closet is organized by colors. She's thoughtful, often sending me home made cards and care packages from Colorado. I appreciate her honesty. She tells me what I need to hear not what I want to hear. She's the kind of friend that will pick up 3 am calls. She's always encouraging. Just a beautiful person inside and out.

It has been a challenging road for her these past couple of years. I have just admired her quiet strength and attitude to push forward through some of the difficulties she deals with on a daily basis. When I lived in California I would always talk to her on my cell while driving to work everyday. Since I have moved to Saipan it has been harder to keep in touch because of the time difference. So we have found a creative way of staying close with our daily lives. Everyday we email one picture. My pictures have ranged from the sunsets in Saipan, to gross teeth I work on, to what I ate for dinner, to church activities, to diving . . . And she emails me pics of her, her family, her dogs, the snow in colorado, friends.

Mel is the first one in our little click to turn thirty. My other best friend, Rae, is in Colorado celebrating with Mel this weekend. I wish I could be there=( I just feel really blessed to have such great friends. Their friendship is the best part of my everyday. Happy 30th Birthday Mel!!=)

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