Sunday, February 11, 2007

100 Things About Me

Because I had time . . . This post was inspired by Deece

100 things about me.

1. Fall is my favorite season
2. Coffee addict
3. I currently dig the sounds of Jack Johnson, Rodgrigo y Gabriela
4. I love coffee ice cream
5. I like to drive with my bare feet
6. I dislike my hands
7. I’m the middle child
8. Shoe fetish
9. I dislike mayo
10. I’m an early riser
11. I love volleyball
12. Favorite book: Memoirs of Geisha
13. My middle name is Mae
14. Art enthusiast
15. I want to salsa dance with Alex Da Silva
16. I hate being late. I hate it when people are late.
17. I speed.
18. I like lounging at Bookstores like Barnes ‘n Noble or Borders
19. I love deep tissue massages.
20. Love Pottery barn and Crate and Barrel
21. My favorite holiday: Christmas
22. My favorite flower: Pink Peonies
23. My favorite scent: Ralph Lauren girl or Victoria Secret Love Spell
24. Love Godiva chocolate covered strawberries
25. I want a Toyota FJ or Tacoma truck.
26. Believer in Christ
27. Born and raised in Loma Linda, CA
28. I shop online.
29. When I lived in Laguna Beach, I watched the sunset everyday.
30. I have a Mac laptop.
31. I love spicy food
32. I wore coke bottle classes from elementary up until freshmen year in high school
33. San Diego Charger Fan
34. Laker Fan
35. I enjoy watching CSI, Food network, Grey’s Anatomy, and Sex and the City
36. I like Orbit Peppermint Gum.
37. I played the clarinet in high school
38. My favorite teacher is Dr. Lane Thomsen (oral pathology)
39. I’m sentimental
40. I've learned the happiness is a journey not a destination
41. I never swam in the ocean until I came to Saipan
42. Favorite place that I’ve visited so far: Paris, France
43. I’m a registered dental hygienist
44. I’m CPR certified
45. I like to dress up.
46. I love watching plays
47. Favorite love story: When Harry Met Sally
48. INFJ
49. Quiet exterior
50. I sing loud in the shower
51. I’m scared of the dark
52. I believe that with every ending is a new beginning.
53. Passionate about serving God
54. Independent
55. Accepting
56. Brevity
57. Favorite memory verse: 1 Corinthians 13:4 "Love . . . It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends."
58. My favorite animal: monkey
59. I’d like to try to be a professional photojournalist.
60. I dislike flakey people.
61. Nicknames: Bev, Bevie, Bevers, Beaver, Bubbles, Ganda, Cana, veggie Filipina
62. I love my family.
63. I’m so lucky to have a lot of close friends. True friends that I can really count on.
64. My favorite color: blue
65. I haven’t broken any bones.
66. I cheat when I do crossword puzzles
67. I read the end of each book before I start it.
68. I’m a donor.
69. I like cats.
70. I love a guy who can sing and play the guitar.
71. Shoe size 6 ½
72. I’m 5’1” tall
73. I have one tattoo
74. Favorite fruit: oranges
75. I love it when he makes me laugh.
76. Favorite board game: Scrabble
77. I want three kids
78. My hair is usually chin length. This is the longest I’ve had it since high school.
79. I want to get my DDS degree and practice as a missionary dentist.
80. I was born the year of the snake
81. Idealist
82. I want to try and live in New York for a couple of years.
83. I speak more Spanish than Tagalog =(
84. People watcher
85. Star gazer
86. True romantic at heart
87. I love meeting new people
88. I want to get my pilot’s license
89. I want to try extreme snowboarding
90. Training for a Triathlon this year.
91. 3 things I do everyday: floss, check email, and pray
92. I’m horrible with remembering names
93. Favorite Restaurant back home: Ruby’s
94. Someone, who I’ll always keep close to my heart, taught me the importance of finding balance in life.
95. I’m a photo junkie.
96. I hold my breathe and make a wish whenever I drive through a tunnel
97. I wish I were a better writer.
98. My favorite spot in Saipan: So far it is the cliffs near Dan Dan. I could sit there forever.
99. I’m stubborn
100. I laugh LOUD!


Deece said...

INFP, that's me. Pretty similar.

Anonymous said...

MAN! How do you find time to think about all this?...It looks like I know your about 70%...Well, from all the things you wrote down...Miss you!


Anonymous said...

So about #73?!??? Hmm...
Manang J

The Saipan Blogger said...

Bubbles Bananatan is your new name. I made this decision this afternoon.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Sean said...

Fascinating! Who knew you had a tattoo!

Anonymous said...

It is for all these reasons and countless others that you are loved. Now about number 73... a tattoo???

Bev said...

i seriously didn't think anyone would read this entire boring list. I kind of threw some details in there and didn't think anyone would notice=) yes, i have a tatoo to commerate my stay in Saipan! haha