Sunday, February 11, 2007

Honoring Adam

On Saturday, the remains of Lance Corporal Adam Quitugua Emul came home from Iraq. You can read more about it in today's Saipan Tribune News here. I stood amongst those who came out for the same reason-to show support. The cost of war is too high. Another precious life is taken. The streets were lined with hundreds of cars and thousands of well wishers. Everyone was waiting patiently to honor a fallen solider, a brother, a son, and a friend. Though i did not know Adam personally his story touched my heart. He was suppose to turn 21 this March. When I think about what I was doing when I was 21, it was nothing compared to the dedication and courage Adam displayed.

There is comfort in numbers when tragedy strikes. Residents of Saipan displayed unity and support in displaying flags, singing songs, and saluting as his casket was driven by. The sight of seeing Adam's mom crying during the motorcade crushed my heart. But fortunately there is comfort in the promise of Christ's return and blessed hope that we will see our loved ones again. I just thank and pray for those who are giving up their lives for our freedom.

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Anonymous said...

Everytime I hear the news about another soldier dying in the war, I cry. God bless their hearts, souls and their families.