Saturday, February 17, 2007

Countdown To Diving In Paradise

I'm counting down . . . 19 more days and I will be diving in Paradise! My dive buddies and I are taking a trip to Palau. I leave for Guam on March 7 and will meet up with the rest of my dive buddies to fly out the next day. I'm so excited! Currently reading a book on Palau and what I may see underwater: deep drop offs, big fish shoals, spinner dolphins, schooling sharks, and abundant marine life on the coral-covered reeftops.
I am going to be on the other side of heaven! I ordered an underwater housing case for my camara so I can document this dive. I'll definitely post tons of pics as well as a video clips. I've heard that there is so much to look at underwater it will be hard to focus on one thing. They say I will be seeing sharks on every dive! I've been reading that Palau is famous for its steep walls, exciting drift dives, and relics from WWII. These are just a few preview pics. More to come=)


Iceman said...
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Anonymous said...

Bev: Looks like you're gonna have some fun! -Steve (