Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Laundry-The Never Ending Battle

Eeek! I have become that which I despise . . . lazy! I've been really busy and every time I come home i see it! A pile of laundry that sits in the corner of my room waiting to be done. (sigh) It is the never ending battle. I haven't done laundry for 2 weeks! Yes, two weeks. I'm starting to run out of well you know . . . unmentionables. Heh! I have to admit that I hate doing laundry. So today I decided to do something different. Laundry drop off! The best service ever! My coworker, Olive, told me about the laundry drop off service over by Java Joes Coffee shop. Its $3 a load. They wash, dry, and oh so neatly fold your clothes for you! I actually spend the same amount of money dropping off vs. doing it myself. I'm having my laundry done as I blog and I get to have coffee! Life is great;)


Anonymous said...

I'm a bum too! Jason comes home on the weekends expecting to have his laundry done so that he can fly out on Sunday and not worry about it, but he ends up doing it Saturday cause I forget to do them during the week. I feel bad, but I still haven't done my laundry from three weeks ago also. It's piling up....I think it's genetic!!!LOL!! Maybe that could be my Valentine's gift to him. J/K Shhh... Don't tell him, it's going to be a surprise!=P

Anonymous said...

Hee:) Funny girl! I guess...well, if I had that option, I'd probably do that too!