Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Good Morning Miss Bev"

Feb. is National Children's Dental Month and the SDA Dental Clinic is offering free dental exams for children valued at $70. Part of my job out here is to teach good oral hygiene and caries preventiion at the local elementary schools twice a month. Yesterday the other registered dental hygienist on island, Lori, and I taught two third grade classes at Garapan Elementary School. Marconi came and made a report about our visit to the classrooms. You can read more about it in the Saipan Tribune News today here.

I have to admit that up until yesterday I only liked teaching adults. Thus that is why I have been teaching the elderly at the Manamko House for the past month. But after my experience yesterday, I have had a change of heart about teaching kids. I guess there is just something about 25 kids enthusiatically saying "good morning Miss Bev" that lifts my spirit=)

We started off our presentations with a short story about the importance of teeth. Lori is a great story teller by the way. After the story we had a question and answer session. You'd be amazed what kids would do for stickers. During the presentations we had two volunteers come up and gave them some red tablets to chew. After chewing the red tablets we had them smile and show their classmates what plaque looks like. It was funny to see the kids reactions all in sync saying, "ewwww, gross!"

I worried about classroom management, kids glazing over of boredom . . . but after yesterday I realized its just all about having fun.


Steve Nguyen said...

Bev: Teaching kids is much more fun. They ask strange and interesting, sometimes shocking questions. They're great to work with. You guys are doing a great job helping them learn about oral hygiene. Seems like you had a good time!

Marianas Life said...

you should come to hopwood. even middleschoolers are fun!!! lori's scared of them, but maybe together you guys would be fine. i've got some boys who need the disclosing tablets big time:) i even have microscopes we can use to look at tooth scum, yum yum. we can even grow some bacteria on a petri if you want:)

Bev said...

Steve: Yes kids are funny in making outrageous comments like "your braces are ugly!" What the heck am I suppose to say to that?! ha

Bree: I wouldn't mind taken you up on your offer to come teach your class. I would actually have them take a swab of their teeth and have them look at the bacteria in their mouth with the a microscope=) That would be fun. I'm booked up for feb already, but how about March? Let me know. btw, do you want to do tank swim friday?? I'm off at noon and i want to do it before sunset. just let me know.

BoReGo said...

Thank you for coming by our school. I hope you didn't notice my "secretary-less-glazed-over" demeanor, but it was very nice to see you two sharing with the kids. - Ms. Boni

The Saipan Blogger said...

You should hear them say, "Gooood Morrnning Miiisteer Angeeeloo Viillaaagooomeeez."

The Saipan Blogger said...

Hey Bev:

At least they're not saying, "Your FACE is ugly!"

That would really be bad.

Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome that you are teaching kids. You get them at an early age so they can prevent major damage.

I can only imagine what they said! I've spoken to a few classes - elementary, middle and high school grades - and the little ones are the funniest.

When they give you crap about your braces, tell them that some of them will have to wear them too. So they should be nice "brace-face." HA!

nikki said...

:) hooray for teachers!!
ya know, hearing my kids say in unision "good morning ms. cayabyab" is my FAVORITE part of the day too! i always knew you were a natural. you're more than welcome to take over my class and have some fun w/ my 3rd graders ...8am-3pm ok? keep up the good work, ms. bev!