Saturday, April 21, 2007

Beautify CNMI's First Anniversary

I admit it! I look for any excuse or opportunity to get dressed up on this island. I wear scrubs five days a week and I am usually in a t-shirt and jeans during the week so it was nice to get dressed up. Missy and I went to Beautify CNMI's anniversary fundraiser dinner at Aqua resort last night and had a blast. All you can eat seafood buffet, yummy dessert, and great company . . . what more can you ask for?

Its kind of funny how I found out about Beautify CNMI. I was new to the island and just started blogging. I came across Angelo's page and noticed some really great pictures of the recyclable christmas tree ornaments. I had seen those Christmas tree ornaments in Garapan but forgot to take pictures.
Anyways, I saw them on Angelo's page and "borrowed" them for my blog to show my friends and family back home. A day later I get a message from Angelo saying how those pics look "familiar"! I was so embaressed! But before that incident I use to read up on Beautify CNMI on his webpage and became interested in ways to be involved in the community.

To make a long story short, I attended a Beautify CNMI Micronesia Challenge meeting in November. It was then when I first met Angelo, Cinta, Bree, MIke Tripp . . . Just like Cinta said during her speech last night, we have made so many good friends through Beautify CNMI.

During the slide show they showed alot of groups that participated during the first year. When the SDA Church picture was displayed up on the screen Missy and I screamed! Really loud! Louder than I thought! Gotta represent you know!?

It was good to see some of my online blogger friends there last night. Steve and his wife, Miwa were so cute. Also Walt and Captain Carl were there too. It is amazing to know that there are over 50 local bloggers in Saipan. Before I came out to Saipan I would try and google stuff on Saipan. There was very few information out there. I think that if I would have seen the We Love Saipan website before I came out here it would have answered alot of my questions about life on Saipan.

Anywho, we had great night=)


Anonymous said...

Great photos Bev. We had sooo much fun last night! You know what, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe, but because Brandon was underage, he couldn't get in. So we went to Shirley's and had dessert. I know, eat again right?

A few minutes after we got there, in walked Gus and Cinta!

We ended up chatting and sharing stories until midnite!!

It was really nice seeing Missy again. Tell her to update her blog so we can link to her! Miwa said you guys were so nice, but I told her that you weren't. Hehehe.

And as tired as I was...I came home and flossed! :)

BoReGo said...

I'm so jealous. I looked forward to this event all week and then our sitter bailed on us last night. My husband Tony and I were in need of a good break and some great company! Boo, hoo, hoo and then bloggers were there too!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait till you get back home. We have a whole weekend planned to spend in San Diego! Girls gone wild weekend. Jason is going to be in Florida for two weeks. YEEHAW! Let the good times roll baby....BTW...You look hot in that dress! Manang J

Anonymous said...

BTW.... i spoke to Davelyn and she's living in Long Beach now. She wants us to go out to dinner. So you might have to fit in some dinner time for her also. Manang J

Gus M. Kaipat said...

Ken K. was not kidding Friday night when he said that Beautify CNMI! is bringing people back to the CNMI! A relative of mine who moved to Washington six months ago just called last night to share his excitement about how impressed he is about Beautify CNMI! Because of BC, he's never felt so proud to call Saipan home again. He said, "I want come home!" I was blown away!!!

Bev said...

Steve: You and your wife are so cute together=)

Borego: I was hoping you'd be there=( Sorry that your sitter flaked. But not to worry because I'm sure they will have more dinners to come.

Mng J- I just can't wait to see you.

Gus- Thats so great to hear that Saipan's image is changing to a more positive one! Good to see ya!

EJ said...

great pictures bev. thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Bev said...

np EJ!

Anonymous said...

You look stunning. Can't wait to see you in person.
Miss ya,