Saturday, April 07, 2007

Holidays In Saipan

I love living in Saipan because we not only get government holidays but we get the Catholic holidays as well! Thanks to the Cathollics I get a three day weekend. In the years I have worked I have never had Good Friday off in the states.

So Friday instead of sleeping in like a normal person would, I woke up at five o'clock in the morning to watch the sunrise with Grant and the other missionaries at Bonzai Cliff. It wasn't too long ago that Grant saw a whale and her baby surfacing up near Bonzai Cliff. We were hoping we'd catch a glimpse of them again. We weren't so lucky this time but I did enjoy having an early breakfast hearing the waves crash on the rocks below us while watching the sun light up the morning sky in pink and coral hues.

Life is good.


Kimiko said...

It's really beatiful pic!!(^_^)

I've seen sunset so many times, but I've never seen sunrise here in Saipan, yet...

Bev said...

Kimi, lets plan a trip to watch the sunrise! You, Ej, and Me.