Sunday, April 15, 2007

A New Life

Being active in Church and seeing how much work is put into the ministry by the Pastor, Elders, and the church members is ubelievable. Seriously, sometimes I feel like I have alot on my plate but when i see the sacrifices others make for the work of the church . . . well, its inspiring. We have different departments in the church all reaching out to different parts of the community. At church during our family time we share with each other what is going on in various departments. Head elder, Eric, has been giving bible studies for the men in prison every Tuesday nights. He shared with us that six of them have given their lives to Christ and have decided to be babtized. Usually I hear of only one or two at a time, but six! Well, thats just amazing.
This past Saturday a church member rededicated his life to Christ after being away from the church for a long time. He spoke in front of church about his struggles and his desire to come back to God. I can relate to how he felt. Its called backsliding. Your intentions are good but there is no follow through. Without a true conversion in the heart nothing will change. It was just incredible to see how God changed his heart and seeing him start his new life.
Saturday night the Women's Ministry gave a baby shower to three mothers: Sue, Ethel, and Renea. We had dinner, played a couple of games, and just enjoyed the fellowship.

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Anonymous said...

I love our church. That was great last night. We should do some more stuff before you leave.