Thursday, April 05, 2007

Healthy, Happy Smiles

Before I moved to Saipan I worked at a Dr. Caplanis' periodontal dental office in California that specialized in gum disease and implant dentistry. I loved the challenge of working with specialized scary cases. I learned so much from Dr. C and was able to apply that knowledge here in Saipan. Most of my patients that I ever worked on were adults 40 and older so I never really worked on anyone younger than 35.

Working at the clinic here in Saipan is alittle bit different. I see a whole age range of patients from age 1 to older adults. Its not bad but I guess I'm just so use to working just on adults. I have to be honest and say that I prefer working an adults more than kids. Kids are cute but they're really challenging to work on especially when they have the "wiggles" and when their crying in my chair =(

Although working on kids is challenging for me I find that teaching them is alot more fun! Today I was able to teach a Kindergarten class and a 3rd & 4th grade class at Saipan SDA School. The older kids were smart and quick to answer all my questions. The Kindergarten class was hilarious! They are still learning how to not call out and raise their hands. They made me laugh alot in class today and reminded how much fun teaching really is.

Anyway, here's some pics of the cute kids. Counting the days to see my niece and nephew in May=)

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