Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spoiled Diver

This morning's dives at Laulau Beach was the start of our advanced underwater training classes. Most Sunday mornings you will find us diving at either the Grotto, Laulau Beach, or Objyan Beach. I however, haven't been in the water since I came back from my Palau trip in March. What can I say other than I am a spoiled diver. I guess when you dive in Palau, you have really seen it all. I'm getting ready to dive Rota at the end of the month.

There are a series of five specialty dives we have to complete in order to become an advanced diver. I'm taking this class so that I can eventually get my rescue diver certification. This morning we worked on two dives. The first one was the deep diving class in which we descended about seventy two feet and worked on skills such as buyouncy and unlocking a combination lock underwater while being timed. I clocked in at eight seconds above water and underwater I messed up and clocked in at 30 seconds. They say your thoughts are alot slower underwater. Whatever! The second dive we worked on navigating with a compass which was pretty easy. Three more dives to go which includes a night dive!

Anyway, after our skills test we just watched the bigeye Scad Baitball. They change formation so many times and its just really amazing to watch. Sometimes if you swim in the middle of them they almost engulf you and you are surrounded by walls of fish. What a way to start off a lazy Sunday.


EJ said...

amazing work there. if i saw those fishes like you saw, i'd be hooked on diving!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Give me a call next time you decide to sink an afternoon watching movies.

Bev said...

Ej: Lets go diving together soon!

Grant: its not too late to change your mind!