Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Out Of My League

I have discovered that I stink at soccer. Monday night was my first soccer practice of the season with my team. We warmed up, did some drills, and then played a friendly game with the other team. While I was on the field I kept thinking to myself that I would rather be playing volleyball or scuba diving right now. The whole point for me joining was to try something new and to make new friends.

My last memory of playing soccer was when I was in the sixth grade. My classmate kicked the soccer ball into my face and I fell flat on my back! I saw stars and my darn coke bottle glasses broke. I swore I'd never play again. So I am wondering how the heck I got myself into this! Our team is suppose to be all about having "fun". I guess I'd do anything for a tshirt that says "nothing talent" in the native Chamorro language. Half the team are bloggers and I have made some other new friends. If you're bored Wedneday night come out and watch us play at 5:30 pm. on the field near the airport.

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bradinthesand said...

Bev, the team wouldn't be the same without you. Is there anything I can do to inspire you? What if I schedule a cleaning next Friday?