Friday, July 13, 2007

Bubble's Last 8

Boni , EJ ,and Deece tagged me to list my last random eight. So here they are!

1. Last Music Concert I went to: Jack Johnson (San Diego, CA) I love a guy who can sing and play the guitar! I want to see
his concert in Hawaii =) My favorite song so far is Banana Pancakes

2. Last Purchase: My Canon SD 850 camera, underwater
housing unit, and 2gb memory card. It is suppose to arrive on either Saturday (fingers crossed) or maybe Monday.
3. Last time I got pulled over: Last year for sleepy driving From the OC to Loma Linda. The cop thought I was drunk but I
was not.
4. Last TV Show watched: Curb Your Enthusiasm (Larry David is so funny!)
5. Last drink: Iced Green Tea Latte at The Bean’s Coffee shop (mMMm)
6. Last Song played on my ipod: Sweetest Thing by U2
7. Last time I cried: While I was chopping onions to make eggplant curry. Note to self: wear scuba diving mask while chopping onions.
8. Last phone call received: My 2 year old niece, Katelynn, is my 5:30 am daily wakeup call. She says “hello!” and
everything else I cannot understand! Isn’t she the cutest ever? You will not be my friend if you disagree =P heh

I'd like to tag Crystal, Sean, Grant, Mai, Brit, Greg and Rosana. Go Go Go!


Lewie said...

Where'd you buy your underwater case? Online?
Looking for one myself.

Bev said...

Hey Lewie!
check out You played all my favorite songs today! Thanks!

Sean said...

Oh yay! I'm gonna do mine right now.

Harry Blalock said...

Bev, I realized I forgot to answer your question about George on my website, so I figured I'd do it here. He is on the big wall when you come out of the crevasse and start heading back toward the rope. You never know which hole he might be taking up residence in, so you have to look through them all.

Deece said...

Can you believe I had never seen a picture of Jack Johnson before?

Katelynn is cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey you!

I tried calling you a couple times this past weekend, but you are never home. Must have a lot of DATES over there. Must be a lot of HOT GUYS out there. = P Anyway, I was just thinking about you. Hope your doing well! I miss you and I miss the kidlings..........Hope to talk to you soon! Love ya, Manang J

Bev said...

Sean: I love how you are always up for blogging crazy random things.

Harry: Thanks for the info. on George. I'll try to look for him next time to take his pic!

Deece: I think your Katelyn and my Katelynn would be very good friends if they met each other!

Mng J: I should get a cell huh? miss you.