Monday, July 30, 2007

Grant's Grotto

My number one reader demands more entries from me! lol This one is for you Mng J!

On myspace they have a section that asks "Who would you like to Meet"? My answer is anyone that can teach me something new. There are a couple of great life lessons Grant has taught me. One of them is you snooze you lose! The other lessons I learned from him you'll have to read about when I blog about my personal influences: the catalysts in my life.

I think its really tempting to take Sabbath naps after church especially after a long hard week at work and all the activities during church. Grant helped me reevaluate why Sabbath is so special and that it shouldn't be wasted on sleep or you'll miss out! Nature is a place that I feel like I can experience how awesome God is.

This past Sabbath was special because of Mai's homecoming and because we are trying to do everything before Rosana leaves next week for Texas. After church Mai, Rosana, Lorene, and me went on a Sabbath hike to the cliffs in the Dan Dan area. This was the first time for me to ever lead out on a hike. I'm usually the follower so I was alittle nervous because I usually get lost. Ok, I lied. I always get lost. Whatev.

So you take the road towards Dan Dan and then turn left on Sunset Road. You can just park the car where the road bends and head down the existing trail. Everything went really well except that there was one part where there was ALOT of overgrowth. Hmmm, that wasn't there before! lol The overgrowth was taller than any of us for sure. I couldn't tell where the trail kept going. So of course the girls made me go first and I was taking us through a jungle of tall, dry, and itchy overgrowth. What I really needed was a machete!

After falling a couple of times I finally found the rock path that lead to "Grant's Grotto". I named it Grant's Grotto because he took me there on a hike one Sabbath afternoon. There's a big drop off and the waves were crashing below. You could see Lau Lau Beach and Forbidden Island ahead. It was such a beautiful day for a hike. We sat on the cliffs, took pictures, and chatted about life.

There were a couple of times of complete silence, each of us in our own little worlds. I just kept thinking about how God is bringing me to places that I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever be. Seriously! I never thought I'd end up in Saipan!


Mai said...

Thanks for leading my first adventure back in Saipan! It was a lot of fun, and I know it's just a taste of what the year will bring! It's gonna be good!

Anonymous said...

Have I ever told you that......... I'm a GENIUS!!! I love you and it was great talking to you yesterday morning. Need more pics please and also keep on blogging. What else am I going to do while i'm at work? Love you........Manang J

Bev said...

Mai: Welcome back.

MJ: You're a freaking Genius!!!!!!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks For the hike Kimberly! I'm glad we didn't get lost! Your AWESOME!

Ken & Crystal said...

Bev, we're glad your in Saipan too! We are so happy you're here. Saipan is awesome! Thanks for posting pics with the new SM's. They look like a nice bunch.
K&C xo