Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Personal Influences: 52 People Who Have Changed and Shaped My Life

I found it challenging to compose a master list of people who have influenced my life. There are so many that I considered. I think everyone I have come across throughout my life has impacted my life in some positive or negative way. For this post I chose to focus only on the positive influences in my life. The number 52 was random and just how many names I ended up with. Most of these people I still keep in contact with but some I have lost touch with. I’m so blessed and grateful to have these people in my life even if some were just for a season in my life.

So inbetween my scuba diving and other random posts I will be writing about each category and how each of them touched my life. By the way I stole this idea from Sean.

Influence: Affect, Have an impact on, Impact, Guide, Determine, Control, Shape, Govern, Decide, Change, Alter, Transform.


Antonia Cabanatan
Eddie Cabanatan
Ginger Ath
Sitha Ath
Edward Cabanatan
Janice Cadavona
Jourdanne Cadavona

Spiritual Influences

Pastor David Asscherick
Pastor Michael Knecht
Michael and Gemma Mercado

Teachers and Mentors

Nicholas Caplanis, DDS, MS
Chuck Dart
Sylvia Davis
Mairlyn Heide, MPH, RDH, BS
Shirley Lee, RDH, BS
Joni Stephens, RDH, Ed.S
Kristi Wilkins, RDH, BS
Lane Thomsen, DDS, MS

Formative Friends

Nicole Cayabyab
Raelene F. Delamen
Brandy Humphries
Michelle S. Kim
Olga L. Loreto
Angelica Martinez
Susie Nguyen
Janssen and Jennifer Sacro
Michael A. Sacro
Sheila M. Sausi
David F. Soliven, Jr.
Erween Tangunan
Maggie Woods


Rosana Beharry
Lori Cerna
Missy Chamberlain
Atsuko Eck
Genevieve Koh
Britney Gleason
Grant Graves
John Moreno
Angelo Villagomez

Inspiration for 2007

Maria Agulto
Maritess Castillo
Cinta and Gus Kaipat
Sean and Barbara Maycock
Melissa Nguyen
Mai-Rhea Odjyar
Crystal and Ken Pierson


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...


Sean said...

Wow, I can't wait to hear about all of them! I saw some familiar names, including Michael Knecht. He used to go to Andrews, and though I never knew him personally, we had a few mutual friends including Darchelle Worley!

It can seem like a daunting task to do somethinag like this, but the key is to do it a little at a time, without putting any pressure on yourself. My entries took a week or more to write, just working on them a little at a time when I had time until they were finally ready for posting. And the reward is well worth it. It's made me feel so grateful for the people in my life, and it's actually been a nice way of reconnecting with some people I'd lost touch with.

Good luck and have fun!

Gloria Pierson said...

Always a pleasure and inspiration to read your blog - such interesting postings. Great idea to look back into our lives and recognize that God has placed so many people in our lives to influence us in a positive direction. Blessings to you!

CNMI Blogger said...

WOW, Bev! Inspiration for 2007? I never would've guessed but, hey, glad I inspired you in some way! You inspire a lot of us, too.

John Dax said...

One has to wonder, “Why a catalyst?” Yet one is reminded of the lyrics:

“Catalyst you insist to pull me down, You contradict the fact that you still want me around, And it's all downhill from here, And it's all downhill from here!”

Remember, Bev, no you're not hardcore! Unless you live hardcore!

Bev said...

Saipan blogger: i made you *tear*?!

Sean: Thanks for inspiring me to do this. I've been meaning to talk about the people that mean the world to me.

Gloria: Thanks for stopping by.

Cinta: I haven't seen you in sooo long!

Moreno: I guess you'll have to stay tuned and see what I have to say about you and how you inspired me to make some changes in my life.

Anonymous said...