Sunday, July 22, 2007

My New Camera

It's Sunday's What is it?! Inspired by Deece. I didn't plan to do this. Its only because Saipan's Sexiest Blogger and Moretti were "impressed" with my skills. Actually more like poking fun at my six pictures. Yes, I only took six pictures during our hour dive at the Grotto.

So I got my new camera and the majority of my pictures looked like this one. (sigh) So I stink at underwater photography. I'll have to keep practicing. I was alittle distracted underwater and even came down with a spell of vertigo. I was about to clear my mask but then my anxiety crept up on me because I just froze. I gave Moretti the sign to resurface. Saipan's Sexiest Blogger followed us up. I'm really not this much drama underwater guys! lol

Anyway, I took a quick break and we descended into the Grotto again. It ended up being a great dive after all. We saw two sharks, different species of Nudibranchs, and a ribbon of Nudibranch eggs. Check out Saipan's Sexiest Blogger and Moretti's blogs for better pics. Here's a couple of my "good" ones=) I love Nudibranchs.

After the dive we just snorkeled while waiting for Blalock to finish up. He can stay underwater for about 2 hours on one tank. Amazing. Here are some pics of some of the locals climbing on to the rocks and jumping. The water was so calm.

Blalock claims there are more "stories" to tell about our dive but there are no stories!! You really have to watch what you say and do around bloggers! ! Anywho, I had a blast diving with these two characters.


scubatripp said...

Hey Bev I really like your shot of the diver in the Grotto!!)
Looking forward to the other stories.

You might like the video I put up from the dive I did with Harry on Sat.

Happy snapping!


Harry Blalock said...

Hi Bev, I love your post and your pictures. I had a great time diving with you yesterday too, and was truly impressed that you held things together as well as you did in the face of vertigo. But 6 pictures from a 1 hour dive??? Seriously???

Anonymous said...

WOW.... You are a PRO at taking diving pics!

Deece said...

A nudibranch! What do I win?