Friday, July 06, 2007

Egg and Sperm Party

Summer means different things to different groups. For students and teachers, its vacation time, for the corals of Micronesia, its time to spawn!

Corals are animals, and like all other life forms, must reproduce. I found out that some coral colonies die each year from both natural and man-made causes, including typhoons, crown-of-thorns starfish, coastal runoff, sedimentation, anchor damage, and sewage impact. Unless these corals are replaced through successful reproduction the reef goes into decline, and the important functions and benefits of the coral reef are lost.

Last night Greg invited me and John to meet up with some other people to check out the Egg and Sperm Party at Lau Lau Beach! We opted to snorkel instead of dive since we were staying pretty shallow along the reef line.

I've done a night dive before so I wasn't scared at all about the darkness or being in the ocean with all the freakish animals that come out at night. We geared up and headed out with our fins and flashlights in search of the Egg and Sperm Parties!

Mtn. Tapachou and Harry's strobe light served as a beacon back to shore. The water was a perfect temperature and the ocean was pretty calm. Our flashlights illuminated the coral underwater. We swam to the left and right of the reef in search of coral spawning. But unfortunately nothing egg and nothing sperm! Grrrrr. We are going back tonight to see if we can find some. We were out snorkeling from 8pm to 10 pm. How cool is that? Snorkeling underneath the stars.

There was a point that I was just floating on my back in open sea water . . . just stargazing at over hundreds of stars and hearing the waves gently crash on the reef! He's an amazing creator! I can't believe where God has brought me!


marianas life said...

watch out you might be banned by by pss now sperm and eggs oh my. harry's blog is banned cuz he has nudi pics and mine probably will be now because my headline was coral orgies

tee hee.

Sean said...

Bev, is there any doubt you have the coolest life ever! Night snorkling sound so great!

I'm so glad you are having fun this summer and aren't too bored and lonely.

Thanks for the props on my blog by the way. That's high praise coming from you!

Marites said...

well, as long as the corals aren't gay, you'll still be accepted by the church

Harry Blalock said...

Hey Bev, It was great to meet you too! Anytime you want to go diving just let me know, I go every weekend. I've added a link to you and feel free to add one to mine. Those darn nudi pics, I had no idea they would cause so much trouble.

Bev said...

Bree: Such a creative Post title!

Marites: Thanks for stopping by!

Harry: I'll take you up on your dive offer!