Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I watched the Simpsons movie tonight and I laughed my head off! Definitely a must see for a good laugh. One word: sequel. There were some funny parts while the credits were displayed. Almost everyone missed it cause they left so early. I wasn't much of the Simpsons fan until I found a bunch of youtube videos on dentistry and dental hygiene.

The SDA Dental clinic is in the process of remodeling its operatories and lobby. The walls are painted a latte color and we have installed new flooring. All thats left to be done is the carpet. Did I mention the lobby will have free wireless for our patients that are waiting to be seen! I'm contemplating framing a couple of scuba diving pictures on my walls. Its starting to feel like a place of my own. I'll post pictures when my operatory is finished.

As I lower my patient chair into a working position the patient can see a poster pinned on my ceiling. Its a picture of flowers and a saying "today in itself is a gift". I agree that the saying is true but its kind of cheesy on my ceiling. The patients seem to like staring at something other than my eyes fixated on their teeth. Back in the states we had plasma tv screens on the ceilings for patients to watch and listen to. Talk about spoiled dental patients, eh? If I had a tv screen on my ceiling I would play this little clip that teaches good oral hygiene while I am cleaning the patients teeth =) heh


Harry Blalock said...

Bev, I don't think I need to watch the Simpsons movie for a good laugh, I just need to read your blog. I mean that part about putting your dive pictures on the wall had me rolling around the floor of my studio!!! You have to take pictures first to be able to do that you know. Just teasing, and I know, I'll probably pay for that later.

CNN said...

"Luda Crest!! D'oh!!"

Bev said...

boo you Harry! Not funny! I mean, i'm going to frame some of your Nudi pics =)

Harry Blalock said...

I'd be honored to have you frame some of my nudi pics. And if you ask really nice, I might even frame the one of Angelo with his head through my cat door.