Sunday, October 08, 2006

Project New Start

The participants received a free medical analysis of their results

The Northern Marina College student nurses gave free blood pressure checks.

The only two RDH's on the island giving free dental screenings

The SM's taking a lunch break

The Saipan SDA Church sponsored a project called New Start for the community of Saipan. The project was held at a community center in a village called Kagman. The church members, dental clinic staff, and the student missionaries arrived on Sunday at 7 in the morning to set up. There were about 10 different stations that focused on whole person care. The stations ranged from free medical, dental, eye, cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, weight management, and spiritual checks. Since 80 % of the community of Saipan uses tobacco and betal nut chews, we focused alot on tobacco cessation. Overall, we were able to service about 100 people. So we praise God for the turn out and are looking forward to holding this event as often as we can. I personally felt blessed today and have realized how great a need for dental and medical care there is out here. Access to care and resources are limited. So many of these people need medical and dental care but can't afford it. Some came in tears telling me about their toothaches and how they can't afford to have their kids have cleanings or dental exams. Please pray for the community of Saipan and for our church to find ways to service them.

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