Monday, October 23, 2006

Into The Deep Blue

An Octopus

From Left to Right: Me, Missy, Brit, Judy, and Crystal

A pregnant puffer fish

Missy is feeding the fish a veggie dog =) Suckers!

On Sunday our dive instructors and The Pierson's took us to Obyan Beach for our first open water dive! We did a beach entry and descended 40 ft. It was such an amazing feeling! It was quite an adrenaline rush. In fact, I got so excited and used up my air alittle faster than normal. I had to resurface a bit earlier than the rest. A couple of my dive buddies saw a 4ft black tip shark, but thankfully I didn't see it cause I would have freaked! We have 3 more open dives with our instructors before we are officially certified. Enjoy=)


eddier0y said...

sweet pics!

Anonymous said...

Wow Bev,
Look at all these photos! You are truly having a blast out there, aren't you. I'm so glad. Keep putting those pics up. They are beautiful. Have fun and be safe!

ren said...

wow! sooo awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

What an adventure...Looks like you've got it all!!! having lots and lots of fun..